How My Journey to Advocate Love For Libraries Had Me End Up Helping Club Owners

If you ask kids these days what they would do over reading a good book and getting cozy in a library, majority would probably say that they would rather go to parties and have fun rather than “waste” time reading on books that they could eventually watch when it becomes famous enough to be turned into a movie.

This “phenomenon” really got me thinking one time that I tried to investigate on what happens during parties in this time and age.

What I discovered was that the period has reached the time of “foam parties.”

These are basically parties that make use of foam machines and bubble makers and basically what happens is an indoor party where people dance and drink while they are wet from the bubbles and the foams.

While the party goers like this kind of fun, I was also able to find out that club managers and owners like and dislike these events.

They like it because once people find out about upcoming foam party events, the ticket sales would sky rocket like it was the fourth of July. People like this kind of parties that is why it is a big hit for a lot of clubs. They even host games and programs just so the people would enjoy it so much more. The success of foam parties has been an unwritten competition against clubs all over the local market, that is why despite the hassles of this type of party, clubs still host it for their customers on a regular basis.

The downside to this party, and the reason why club managers and owners do not like it, is the fact that after the party, the club will be in very bad condition. Water elements from the foam and bubbles end up messing the tiles and walls and even the ceiling of the club. The mess penetrates everything from the inside out. Clubs have taken all precautionary measures to minimize the damages, but every time they hold these parties, water is still able to contaminate the place. Repeated exposure to water can cause a wall or the floor to become brittle and weak. Also, it could start hosting bacteria and germs and this could lead to serious health issues which could be alarming not just for the staff but especially for the customers. It might also contaminate the products that the clubs serve their party-goers. Hence, the party requires tedious planning and safety measures and that makes the job of the club owners harder than the usual.

Well, my research on the matter had me end up in a bit of “off” situation. I was aware of a company that can help solve such issues by the clubs. At first, I was caught in a moral dilemma – will I help these clubs gain more customers (often teens), or should I just let them suffer the consequences of their “money making” choices?

However, these people have been so accommodating and despite my advocacy for bringing back the love for libraries, bringing the “competition” down will not give me the good karma points I need to help me in my goals. Hence, I ended up sharing with them about MyWebpal, and its different restoration services in several areas in the locality — Atlanta Restoration ServicesBirmingham Restoration Services, and Chandler Restoration Services.

I was confident that this particular company can help them address their concerns regarding the water damage issues that these foam parties cause. And now, club managers and party goers alike need not worry about a thing since there are experts that do the cleaning up and restoration process for them. People can enjoy a fun night in their favorite clubs without having to worry about getting infected or getting hurt because of weak party places.

I just hope that somehow, there will be a way to encourage this party goers to pick up a book at the library from time to time, as well.

Water Damage – Threat To Libraries

When you ask people what could possible be a threat to libraries, most would answer the following:

The internet. It has become a big threat because it has become a medium for “paperless” books and electronic books. On top of that, it is an easy access to FREE books. Who would not love to have something for free, right? Hence, the Internet seems to be one of the biggest threat to libraries and actual books, to be exact.

Mobile Gadgets. Paired with the internet, mobile gadgets are also a threat to libraries because you would not need to visit libraries anymore in order to read the books you need. You can go about with your daily routine, and when you need a book to read during your breaks, you will not need to  go to a library to have one because with your mobile gadget, you can go ahead and check the Internet for books.

Book-love culture is slowly dying. This basically means that it seems that people are loving books less and less. Before, with not much else to do, people turn to all sorts of books kill time and be productive. However, now, the first choice that most people choose whenever presented with idle time are not books, but social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – these are the things that people “read” on instead of actual books.

Having presented all these, one would think that there is nothing more dangerous than these things when it comes to making libraries obsolete.

However, there is still one thing that is an actual threat to libraries, at least in terms of the library’s actual structure; and this is water damage.

If you visit, you can read through the things that tackle on what water damage is and the importance of addressing it before causing more harm. In the case of libraries, water damage is crucial because we all know how easily water could penetrate to water. Hence, allowing plumbing problems ( and substandard construction ( could lead to not just the destruction of a library, but the end of the books that the library is suppose to house.

Losing books may seem a not so big of a deal, but for book lovers, it is a big deal. While some may think that one could always just “produce another copy” of a book, there are rare cases when a book is important because it is the only remaining copy of someone’s work. And if the library (or museum) that houses it falls victim to water damage, then you can be sure losing such a book will be very devastating.

It is important to care for libraries in all its aspect, and this does not just include the battle against electronic books, but it also involves maintaining the libraries that protect these precious treasures of history.

What a Licensed Company has to Offer their Clients

roofing designs for libraries

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Having relayed the importance of having a great roofing system for libraries, I have decided to write this blog to share that not only is it important to WANT a good roof for your libraries but to also make sure that you hire a licensed roofing company to handle the construction of your roof.

There are some people who find it very difficult to rely upon others so easily. Usually, this is evident especially with people they barely know. However, in life, there will always come a time when you have to mingle with people that you are unfamiliar with. There will come a time that you have to trust these people to do what they have to do.

One way to fight of this difficulty is to find means of knowing about the person or company that you have to transact with. You have to find out if they are truthful about their vision and dedicated into helping you.

I am talking about acquiring help from manpower services companies. It is not easy to trust these companies because there are cases of fraud plus there are instances that inappropriate actions and fooling of people becomes their priority rather than something to be ashamed of.

To prevent yourself from getting fooled, be aware that there are ways in order to find out if the company that presents their services to you are legitimate or not.

The very key to finding if a company is for real is if they can present to you their licenses. They should have the license to render services within your area and you have to check that their licenses are up to date. They should also offer manpower or service providers that have undergone training and are professionals in their field of work.

It is important to know this things so that you can be truly sure that you will be getting your money’s worth and that your libraries roof will indeed be of great quality.

Bookworm Fantasies: Owning Your Own Library With the Help of a Real Estate Agent

Someone sent me an e-mail a few days ago, asking if I knew the steps on how to own a library. Before I get into the details of our encounters, I would just like you to imagine with me for a second – what if you owned your own library?

Your own place of sanctuary.

A collection of books you can call your own and have other people visit.

Having the capacity to share with others the knowledge, experiences and emotions that you were able to get from the many stories you personally read and discovered.

These are just but some of the ideas that came into my mind when I pondered on the idea of owning a library. For others, the idea may come of as nothing more but something typical. However, for us book lovers, the idea is pure heaven.

Hence, when I received that e-mail, not only was I excited to help her out, but I was also ecstatic about the idea of joining in her venture and maybe owning my own library too. After all, owning a library does not need to be instant and it does need to be made public at once. If for several years I wish to keep my library a private space, then why not?

Anyways. The unfortunate thing about this is that I have absolutely NO IDEA about the ins and outs of owning and running a library. I was just an expert in visiting them and reading the many treasures they hold. But to go as far as research on the process of owning it, I was not able to engage in yet. Until she asked me the question.

I replied to her, telling the truth that I have yet to discover how to go about the process, but, since her dream also inspired me to engage in the idea, I promised her that I would ask around and let her know if I am able to get any help.

Now, at first I had absolutely  no idea where to begin with the search. Then, I came to the realization that maybe, just maybe, a small library was for sale in the locality. By this time, all I know is that when wanting to buy a property, one should approach real estate agents.

Hence, I came across a site ( and after reading the reviews of its former and current clients, I concluded that the agency can be very much trusted.

I was able to contact them and in a span of few days and a few meetings, my agent was able to course me through the entire process. I was still not totally ready to purchase my own library since it was not of my plan for the year. What I did was keep the contact of my agent, while I refer her to the person who sent me an e-mail.

As far as I know, the purchase process is ongoing and I could not be more happy for her. I have also included this endeavor in my bucket list and I hope that someday I could  also have a library of my own.

Securing Historical Books Through Sold Library Roofing

Beyond making people appreciate once again the beauty of paperback books and reminding them of the power of these magical story-telling masterpieces, it is also important that books are kept in rooms that are conducive for storage of these materials.

We all know that books are prone to tear, fire, water damage, and many other things. This is especially true for old books and books that have historical value – those that only have one copy or are original books or journals written by historical figures throughout the different eras that have passed.

It is for this fragility that books should be well secured. We cannot go into the future and be represented as the generation that destroyed a lot of historical books and documents because we were not able to provide them a decent place to be stored.

Now, we all know that books are stored in libraries. Hence, it is important that our libraries are made of quality materials so that it can withstand any form of calamity and protect the books from destruction.

One of the most important things to maintain in a library is its roof. A high quality roofing system will go a long way in protecting the books that are stored in the library. It will not easily leak water from rains and storms. Also, the material should not be the dusty kind so that dust and other small particles do not easily scatter in the library and rest in books.

For some, securing the roof of a library  may seem like an unnecessary task. However, knowing the importance of a roof for any given structure is enough reason to make sure that the libraries in our places are of great quality as well.

roofing system for libraries

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Books of this Generation

Story telling began as a “mouth to mouth” practice. People who have stories to share, both wonderful and tragic, are only shared when people gather around and listen to the ones telling the story.

Then, these stories were then carved on the walls of caves, thus creating a connection between the people in the old times and in this generation. And just when you thought that there is no more going further from this, paper was invented.

From that, books easily became a part of the lives of people and stories need not to be heard because they can be read. The lives of stories lived longer and important parts of history were recorded.

However, as generations passed, different forms of “books” have emerged and the value of printed and paperback books are somehow lessened in value. This is because of the creation of “online” books and gadgets like the Kindle that allow people to have several books in one screen.

While these advancements hold their merits, it also somehow puts paper books in a frail position of losing its value to people, especially the youth.

Library roofs protecting books

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Before, libraries are well valued and important books and documentations are placed in safe places so that they are not ruined by fire or storms. However, nowadays, when a library is destroyed through a faulty roof or gets water damaged through a faulty plumbing system, almost no one bats an eye, while a person freaks out so much if his or her smartphone suddenly stops responding because a glass of water fell on it.

Despite all these, I really still believe in the power of books and I know that despite the many “variations” of reading materials right now, I still know that real books will overpower them and the love that people once had for these paperbacks will soon come back to touch across all ages.